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  • Record Group #: 055-00-01
  • Record Group Name: Alumni Relations
  • Record Sub Group: Publications -- U of I Chicagoan (1961-1971), The Circle (1972-1977), Circle Alumni News (1977-1982), U of I Chicagoan (1982-1990)
  • Volume: 1.00
  • Description:

    U of I Chicagoan (1961-1971), is the alumni newspaper for graduates of the Chicago Campuses of the University of Illinois, with an increasing focus on the activities and developments at UICC. The title changed in January, 1972 to The Circle (1972-77), to eliminate confusion as to the origin of the publication and the alumni. Previously it was thought to be intended for graduates of U of I Urbana who were from Chicago or were currently residing there. The paper is published bimonthly by and for the members of the UICC Alumni Association. In March, 1977, the title became Circle Alumni News (1977-1982). With the consolidation of the UICC and UIMC campuses into the University of Illinois at Chicago in September, 1982, the title again became U of I Chicagoan. Ceased publication in 1991. The function was absorbed by Illinois Quarterly. (See also 002/01/03/01/00/06) For additional information on the UI Alumni Association, see also: 002/01/03/01

  • Site: Daley (Records Available), LHS (No Records), Warehouse (No Records), Electronic (No Records).
  • Restricted: O
  • Status: Pub
  • Staff Use:

    RJD B-490 01-09-03 (archival and use copies); [V2014] 3-310 11-10-07 ( use copy U of I Chicagoan 1961-1976 only); [V2014] 3-310 11-14-4 (Circle Alumni News) and 11-14-5 (U of I Chicagoan; The Circle) (These are assorted additional copies received from Office of the UIC Historian at its closing in 2010. Archivist may want to use these to fill in gaps or damaged copies or discard them at a later date if they are determined to be unneeded duplicates.) [V2014]