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  • Record Group #: 059-07-00-02
  • Record Group Name: Office of Student Affairs
  • Record Sub Group: Organizations and Activities -- Publications -- Chicago Circle Focus (February 12, 1968 - October 28, 1968)
  • Volume: 0.00
  • Description:

    Chicago Circle Focus (February 12, 1968- October 28, 1968), is an independent student newspaper which was left-of-center, focusing on the issues of black power, war protests, dissident faculty and student groups, third world issues, the draft, and campus speakers and activities reflecting these concerns, as well as movie and theatre reviews. It was published by and for the students at UICC, and it rejected any subsidy from the Student Activity Fund because it might compromise its independence from so-called "powerful political groups" on campus. vol. 1, no 1-8 Feb 12 - May 24, 1968 vol. 2, no 1-6 Sep 23 - Oct 28, 1968"

  • Site: Daley (Records Available), LHS (No Records), Warehouse (No Records), Electronic (No Records).
  • Restricted: O
  • Status: Pub
  • Staff Use:

    RJD 3-310 11-10-01; [V2014] RJD 3-310 11-14-04 (These are assorted additional copies received from Office of the UIC Historian at its closing in 2010. Archivist may want to use these to fill in gaps or damaged copies or discard them at a later date if they are determined to be unneeded duplicates.) [V2014]