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  • Record Group #: 070-00-01
  • Record Group Name: Chicago Illini
  • Record Sub Group: Publications -- Chicago Illini / Commuter Illini (1962-1988), Chicago Flame (September 1988- )
  • Volume: 0.00
  • Description:

    Chicago Illini (1962-1988), is an independent student newspaper, financed through advertising and is written by and for the students at UICC. It contains information about student activities, sports, and campus organizations and issues. The newspaper is published weekly during the fall, winter and spring quarters, and bi-monthly during the summer. Prior to November 1968, this title was an official campus student newspaper, operating out of the Office of Student Affairs. The Chicago Illini's predecessor was the Pier Illini (See RG 059/07/00/04), and was also known as the Commuter Illini (B11-12-02) from January to November 1968. Title changed to Chicago Flame in September 1988. Whoosh!, the official publication of the UIC Flames Tip-In Club (men's basketball booster club) appeared as an occasional insert beginning in 1997. Some issues of Whoosh! dating from 1997-2006 were removed and were filed as a separate publication (Whoosh!, RG# 010-04-02-00-03). Other Whoosh inserts, including those dating from 2006 on, were not removed from the Chicago Flame.

  • Site: Daley (Records Available), LHS (No Records), Warehouse (No Records), Electronic (No Records).
  • Restricted: O
  • Status: Pub
  • Staff Use:

    RJD 3-310 11-08-01 (use copy, 1982-21 January 2008) [V2014] RJD 3-310 11-08-04 (bound copies -- use for v.1-11, covering 1962-August 1971. Bound copies in this location go from 1962-March 1988. Some years missing.) RJD 3-310 11-08-05 (boxed copies, some bound, Sept. 1964-Feb. 1972, bad condition) [V2014] RJD 3-310 11-15-02 (loose unboxed copies, bulk 1970s-1990s) B-490 1-09-07 (Sept. 1988 - November 1999) [V2014] B-490 1-20-03 (Dec. 1999 - Ongoing. Archivist's note: at a later date these recent issues could be used to fill in gaps in use copy through 2008, and issues from Jan. 2008 to present may be separated into use and archival copies.) [V2014] RJD 3-310 10-02-05 and 10-03-01 (Chicago Illini 1962-1984, with 1970-1974 possibly missing. These are assorted additional copies received from Office of the UIC Historian at its closing in 2010. Archivist may want to use these to fill in gaps or damaged copies or discard them at a later date if they are determined to be unneeded duplicates.) See 3-310 Bay 11 Row 1 for more use copies