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  • Record Group #: 086
  • Record Group Name: Photograph Subject File
  • Record Sub Group:
  • Volume: 3.00
  • Description:

    Assorted photographs of campus events and campus architecture received over time. Most are organized by subject. An inventory exists for UA90-999. For UA90-999, a red dot on the label means a negative exists. A blue dot means the photo may not be reproduced; -UA 46-999 Navy Pier Photographs -- Note: This collection contains numerous photographs of the Navy Pier campus, students, intercollegiate athletics program, and faculty; -UA 95-022 See collection file; -UA 95-023 (Medical Center) See collection file; -UA 95-02 See collection file; -UA 96-04 (Medical Center) See collection file; -UA 99-999 9 slides - see collection file - located in slide cabinet; -UA 88-10 c. 73 images of west side of campus c. 1945-1980's; -LHS General Photo Collection: A collection of images received by the University Archives organized by subject. Each folder has a number of LHSGEN-XXX. Each Image in that folder is numbered LHSGEN-XXX.-YY; LHS Individual Photo Collection: A collection of images received by the University Archives organized by individual. These images are not numbered and are organized alphabetically; UA 90-61: Photographs of Research and Education Hospital c. 1965, possibly taken to show problematic areas of the hospital to gain support for a new hospital; - UA 2006-45: 5 enlarged, mounted photos of the Medical Center, (c. early 2000s? - includes one photo of new Medical Research Building) by Richard K. Koch; - UA 2006-51: 5 slides of the Outpatient Clinic building architectural sketches and one slide of Hypocrites Statue; - UA 2011-01: Photographs taken by Orlando Cabanban and Balthazar Korab of campus buildings and scenery in 1965; See also 070-01-02; See also 003-09-00-01-02 (Thomas Fehr Navy Pier negatives and prints);

  • Site: Daley (Records Available), LHS (Records Available), Warehouse (No Records), Electronic (Records Available).
  • Restricted: R
  • Status: P
  • Staff Use:

    UA 46-999 Navy Pier Photo RJD 3-310 11-13-01 [V2014]; UA 88-10 LHS Photo Cabinet 30-6 [V2016]; UA 90-61 LHS Photo Cab 13 [V2015]; RJD 3-320 Photo File Cab; LHS Gen Photo Coll LHS 3-324 Cab 7 [V2015]; LHS Indl Photo Coll LHS 3-324 Cab 7 [V2015]; RJD 3-310 11-11-02 (UA 2006-45, UA 2011-01) [V2014]

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